Posted by Megan Scott

If you were cruising your way through Los Angeles last weekend, you may have noticed a slight (er...monumental) interruption in traffic. If you were making your way through the city, you may have noticed that many streets were closed off entirely. Rest assured, it was all for a good cause. On Sunday, October 6th, approximately 7 miles of Downtown Los Angeles were closed off to vehicles in order to promote bicycling in the city. The annual CicLAvia event brought together tens of thousands of riders in one of the nation's largest neighborhood bike rides. What's perhaps truly surprising is the staggering number of fixie bikes that were present at the event.

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CicLAvia – Fixie Bikes Galore

Fixed-gear bikes, or fixies, are a fairly recent but rapidly emerging trend. Fixie bikes look very similar to your standard city bikes, but they're renowned for their simplicity and affordability, not to mention their virtually limitless customization potential. Unlike most street bikes, fixies have no freewheel mechanism, so when you stop pedaling, the wheels stop turning. There is no coasting whatsoever. And while this may seem like a bit more work, it makes for a better workout and more precise control over your bicycle. Perhaps that's why their presence is rapidly increasing at major events like CicLAvia.

It's great to see fixie bikes becoming so popular, but what's truly astonishing is the growing demand for bicycle commuting in general. According to the L.A. Times, as many as 100,000 people participated in this year's CicLAvia event, and organizers already have big plans for the next event in 2014. Los Angeles city officials have surely taken notice of the rise in bicycle activity and have even taken steps to make the streets more accommodating, such as by adding new bike lanes throughout the city.

The New Generation of Bicycling in California

But the trend isn't just impacting Los Angeles. California as a whole is experiencing a bicycling renaissance. Just last month, Governor Jerry Brown signed a new bike safety measure into law, which requires motor vehicle drivers to leave three feet of space when passing bicyclists. In addition, the Bay Area has just unveiled a new bike share program, one of the largest in the nation. Anaheim, Los Angeles, and West Hollywood are also in the process of rolling out new bike share initiatives. Outside of California, we're seeing highly successful new bike shares popping up in major cities like Chicago and Manhattan. Yes, it's a great time to be a bicyclist, but have you joined the revolution yet?

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