Posted by Megan Scott

There are some interesting bicycle accessories out there: from theater-style cup holders to faux motorcycle mufflers, there are innumerable ways to make your bike stand out from the pack, for better or worse. But the best bicycle accessories are the ones that truly change the way we look at riding.

One man has developed a truly ingenious bicycle accessory that you wish you had. It's a floating pontoon, situated beneath the wheels, which allows him to ride on the water. That's right. Judah Schiller recently became the first person in the world to travel across New York's Hudson River by bicycle. As you can imagine, the event attracted a great deal of attention.

If Only All Bicycle Accessories Were So Practical

According to, this wasn't Schiller's first aquatic bike ride. Just one week earlier, the intrepid cyclist powered his pontoon across the San Francisco Bay. For the Hudson journey, he began at the Pier 13 Boating Club in Hoboken and pedaled his way to Pier 66 off West 26th Street in Manhattan. The entire trip took approximately 15 minutes. The 41-year-old innovator is the founder of a San Francisco-based innovation agency, and he's seeking to revolutionize the ways in which people look at cycling. Unfortunately, it will probably be a long time before such bicycle accessories become the norm, but these adventures certainly open our eyes to the possibilities.

According to the, Schiller is not a professional cyclist, and he believes that water cycling would be possible for all types of riders. While he concedes that it's not for everyone, he would love to see a water bike lane along the Hudson one day. As Schiller told reporters, “Two-thirds of our planet is water. We love biking; bikes are awesome. Why not bring our bikes out onto the water and enjoy a ride into Manhattan like you’ve never had before.”

For Now, We'll Have to Settle for Land

Okay, so maybe we can't all run out and pedal across the Atlantic Ocean right now, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a good ride. Now is the best time ever to take up cycling. From coast to coast, people are ditching their automotive commutes and opting instead for the freedom and excitement of cruising the streets by bicycle. Explore your hometown like never before, make lifelong friends on a scenic bike tour, save a fortune on gas, or just get out there and burn some calories. From the personal to the environmental, the benefits of cycling are enormous.

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