Posted by Megan Scott

Vintage bikes are all the rage. Visit any urban metropolis and you'll see countless commuters tearing up the streets on classic European-style city bikes and other retro-inspired models. The trend has even spanned as far as Vietnam, where passionate riders are now taking to the streets of Hanoi on French vintage bikes. The Wall Street Journal recently published an interesting report about the emerging—or perhaps re-emerging—French bike trend in Vietnam, and how the popularity of these vintage cycles is bolstering local businesses.

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According to the article, the Vietnam trend is reflective of a growing worldwide enthusiasm for bicycles. One Hanoi business owner, Tran Anh Vu, has created a thriving enterprise by repairing and restoring vintage bicycles. What began as a hobby has grown into a full-time job; demand for his services have gone through the roof. No one is more surprised by the trend than Vu himself.

French Vintage Bikes – The Far-East Appeal

For bicycle enthusiasts in Vietnam, the bikes carry a sense of nostalgia, and we all know how powerful the nostalgia factor can be. As parents, we expose our children to the cartoons that we loved as children, in part because we think that Ninja Turtles and My Little Pony are far superior to the cartoons of today, and in part because we want to revisit these memories ourselves. Some of the hottest bands of today sound remarkably similar to the hit makers of the 1980s and we can't get enough of our 50s diners, throwback breakfast cereals, and vintage clothing boutiques.

Vintage bicycles are no exception to this rule. They take us back to a simpler time, before smart phones, Wi-Fi, and 24-hour cable news. Perhaps that's why the classic French-style bikes are making such as splash in Vietnam. They're a throwback to the days of French colonialism, and while the colonialism itself may not be a source of fond memories, much of the French cultural influence remains embedded in the landscape of Hanoi.

Do You Love Vintage Bikes?

Maybe you count yourself among the growing number of vintage bicycle enthusiasts. Whether you live in a major city or a gorgeous rural country setting, biking is the ideal way to commute. You never have to pay for fuel, you maintain a low carbon footprint, and perhaps best of all, you can truly absorb nature as it was meant to be experienced. And with a vintage bicycle, you can cruise the streets in style, invoking a sense of mid-20th-century charm while setting yourself apart from the dull crowd.

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