Posted by Megan Scott

Clipless pedals are becoming increasingly visible within the urban bike scene. Everyday, more and more cyclists bail on their traditional pedals, claiming they “hinder” their ride and kill their workout.

So why exactly are clipless pedals becoming the new gold standard in cycling?

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Clipless Pedals vs Toe Clips vs Standard Pedals

Standard pedals have no clips or restraints of any kind (though they're not to be confused with “clipless pedals”). The only things keeping your foot on the pedals are the laws of physics, guided by your own downward pressure. Not only is this generally inefficient, but it forces your legs to work against one another.

Toe clips remedy the inefficiency of standard pedals to a degree, but they still don't provide an optimal solution. With toe clips, each foot is held in place by a mechanism that somewhat resembles a dog muzzle. Just slide your foot inside, and stay connected to your bike. Sounds simple enough, but the connection is still extremely flimsy, and your feet don't really achieve the rock solid foundation they need during faster rides.

Clipless pedals consist of two parts: a small pedal with a locking mechanism and a cleat that connects to your shoe. Slide the cleat into the locking mechanism, and your shoe becomes one with the pedal. Yes, the name is confusing considering you are, in fact, clipping in, but the name was actually established to differentiate the new technology from older toe clips. With clipless pedals, you'll never experience a more perfect connection to your bike, which is why they have become the standard for professional cyclists and rigorous indoor cycling environments.

Additional Benefits of Clipless Pedals

When you switch to clipless pedals, you can feel the difference immediately. You have better power transfer, because all of your energy is used to propel the pedals. The secure connection allows for better control and increased safety. You’ll experience a better workout, too. Since you're placing far more energy into your pedal strokes, you burn more calories and tone your leg muscles with greater effectiveness.

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