Posted by Megan Scott

Retrospec Bicycles: Beta Fixie vs Mantra Fixie

We’re Retrospec Bicycles. As should be self-explanatory, we like bicycles. In fact, we like them so much, we design and sell our own. But you probably already figured that out, seeing as you’ve gotten to this page.

Our Beta Series fixed-gear bicycle was one of our very first dreams that came true. It’s a great bike with a hand-built steel frame, a sealed bottom bracket, and brand name components. It features CST High Performance tubes and tires, KT hubs with a flip-flop hub on the rear tire, and 41 mm Super Deep-V rims. It boasts bar-spin clearance on all sized frames. We designed our Beta with the daily commuter in mind and diligently handpicked all of its elements.

But we’ve grown up since our first release. Our Mantra is also a great bike and has a ton of improvements. This upgraded version of our fixed gear bicycle has Kenda Kwest tires to outlast its predecessors. These tires are durable, handle a higher tire pressure, and grip the road well, making it ideal for the daily commuter. The new integrated seat clamp isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, it also prevents the seat post from slipping. Don’t forget about our better-forged crank, which is denser and stronger but still lighter than steel. This meetier crank lets you go faster with less deflection, making for a much more efficient ride. Not only have we replaced our rims with Super Deep-V Stars rims, but we’ve also added a KMC chain and we’ve included removable fixed-gear freestyle Velcro straps and a free front light. Our Mantra has set a new standard for the fixie industry. It rides with you, it rides for you. You have complete control over the road before you. Some mystics even say that the rider eventually becomes one with the Mantra.

As such, we’re discontinuing our Beta Series fixed-gear bicycle. Though we’re bummed to see it go, we’ve reduced its price so it can find a happy home and a happy rider. The B. Series is an incredible value for a budget fixie. If you’re cost-conscious and looking for a starter bike, this is a solid choice. But you’re going to have to pick it up quickly, because it’s on its way out.