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According to the FBI and the National Bike Registry, $350 million worth of bicycles are stolen in the United States every year. That’s a disheartening figure for all of us who invest time and money into the bikes and bicycle parts they choose to support a greener, healthier way of living.

What’s even more troubling is that the perpetrators are getting more and more adept at getting around bike lock systems, which are currently the best protection bikers have against theft. Many even carry equipment for cutting through the sturdiest locks at a moments notice.

Of course with problems come solutions, and many bike-centric businesses are looking for better ways to protect your bike and bicycle parts.

The Sphyke C3N

The Sphyke C3N lock system is the latest innovation in bike protection.

The Sphyke C3N is essentially a modified combination lock. If you want to keep your wheels safe, you can replace the wheels’ quick-release nuts with the C3N system and secure the latter in place with your personal code. In case you don’t want to advertise to any unscrupulous onlooker that you have a C3N installed, you can cover it up with a waterproof dust cap.

Your bicycle parts are safe and sound without requiring a bike shop mechanic’s expertise to set it up. The only time you’ll need that kind of expertise is when something goes wrong (e.g. you lose your key and you need to replace some parts).

According to the Sphyke C3N website, the lock system works with any skewer wheel. (If your wheels are old, you might want to ask a mechanic whether your wheels are compatible with M9, M10, 3’8). The C3N’s nut is made from solid 10-8 steel and torques to an incredible 35 Nm, while the skewers are “high tensile rolled Chromoly Rod” sourced from a “highly respected Taiwanese manufacturer.”

The Sphyke C3N is one of the best investments you can make for protecting your bike and bicycle parts. Without your personal code, a thief is powerless. While the manufacturer has no brick-and-mortar stores outside Europe and Australia, you can order from their website,

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