Posted by Megan Scott

No bike is complete without the right accessories. From handlebars to storage solutions to colorful bike seats, here’s a list of some of our recent favorites.


Mitchell Silva, a cyclist and Industrial Design student at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, designed GLO-BARS, an LED-lit drop bar for bicycles. The bars are installed with a plastic tube comprised of 40 LED light bulbs. GLO-BARS are the perfect solution for urban night riders.

2. Bike Planter

As an Industrial Design student at Georgia Tech and Lund University, Colleen Jordan was sick of her professors telling her a pocket plant was an impossible concept. Not only was the project possible, but it flourished into a full time job and the successful Etsy shop, the Wearable Planter. Her wearable planters for bikes are made from nylon and available in many colors and styles.

3. 6-Bottle Bike Bag

This sturdy bicycle beverage carrier from FIREFOX gives new meaning to BYOB. The 6-bottle beer bag holds up to six standard 500ml bottles and is made from waterproof canvas and Velcro. While we can’t condone drinking and biking, this carrier is perfect for carting your six-pack home from the store.

4. The Bike Shelf

The Bike Shelf, designed by Chris Bigham, is the perfect space solution for bikers. Not only does it deliver a way to hang your bike on a wall, but allows you to use the top as a wooden shelf. Made from walnut wood, the shelf is suspended using a solid-steel square mount rod. Bigham carved a wedge in the middle of the shelf to hold the bicycle’s frame.



5. LED Bike Wheel Video Display System

Get ready to be amazed by MonkeyLectric’s bike wheel display system—it uses 256 LED lights that allow cyclists to display stabilized images and videos on wheels going at speeds between 12 and 40 km/h. On your bike seat in the rain? Don’t worry. These lights function in all weather conditions!

6. The Bicycle Wine Rack

This bicycle wine rack is the perfect gift for a bike enthusiast and wine lover. The product easily clips onto most bike frames and is made with stylish antique brass fasteners. Made from olive oil treated vegetable-tanned leather, this carrier will age like the fine wines it carries. Just remember! Don’t drink and bike!

7. The Disco Ball Helmet

This old school inspired Disco Ball Helmet is made for the cyclist who seeks safety, in addition to a bold, unique look. Designed by Natalie Walsh, a San Francisco designer, the helmet keeps you stylish and safe on the road. Walsh has even posted an online tutorial to make your own disco helmet.

8. The Laserlight

The BLAZE bike light seeks to address the #1 cause of cycling accidents: getting caught in an automobile’s blind spot. The super-bright front light emits a bike shaped beam onto the road in front of the cyclist, which lands directly in front of the driver’s blind spot.

9. Chalktrail®

This kid-tested, Retrospec-approved product combines bike riding with creativity. The Chalktrail® can easily be attached (without tools) to the backs of bikes, allowing the rider to create fun and colorful chalk strokes on asphalt. Decorate the streets!

10. Bike Saddle

These bike seats from Retrospec are perfect for almost any kind of bike (Including fixed-gear, single-speed, and road bikes). Our bike seats are padded for comfort, yet stiff enough to maximize performance. Available in 8 colors, these saddles are guaranteed to add flair to your ride.

Because every rider loves accessorizing their bike, Retrospec offers an assortment of colorful and functional components, from cranksets to grips. What’s your favorite bike accessory?