Posted by Megan Scott

Bikes are already works of art in their own right. Every part—from the easy-to-grip handles down to the durable wheels—is carefully crafted to help take a person from point A to point B in style. Even when bikes become unusable, their individual bike parts still offer functional beauty.

Nirit Levav’s Bike Chain Pups

Like most artists, Israel-born Nirit Levav sees beauty in everything—including discarded bike parts. Levav was inspired to construct her incredible canine creations from materials she collected from her neighborhood bike shops’ trash. According to Levav, amidst the chains and coils, she “saw” a figure forming. From her vision, she was inspired to make a Rottweiler sculpture.

Nirit Levav's Bicycle Art

Today, Levav’s collection has full-size poodles, greyhounds, cocker spaniels and a bijon frise made from recycled bike materials. You can see her entire collection on her website,

Creative Wedding Centerpieces

Looking for a bike-centric twist on your big day decor?

Using bike parts, bride and groom, Kelley and Mitch, added their own quirky flare to their wedding centerpieces. They had flowers made of bicycle spokes, table lighting made of bicycle wheels, and vases made of bicycle forks. What’s really awesome is that Kelley and Mitch built it all from scratch.

Check out pics from there alternative event on their Flickr account. While you’re there, be sure to awe at pictures of the Bride’s spectacular aerial performance and funky dress.

Bicycle Fences

Our favorite DIY bicycle craft: bicycle fences.

This project works best if you have a pile of old bikes lying around, which of course is easier said then done. Your best bet is to check out your local bike shop to see if they have old parts.

Once you’ve acquired your materials, you can simply attach the bike parts from end to end, or dismantle them and use specific bike parts (e.g. the wheels) to make your fence.



Most people aren’t looking to build a new fence or have access to a ton of bike parts, so this project can also apply to fixing any holes or gap in your current fence. Just use a bike to fill up the empty space.

On Retrospec Bicycles

At Retrospec, we consider ourselves as our own kind of artist. We spend a crazy amount of time and energy creating our two-wheeled masterpieces in an array of vibrant colors. Check ‘em out.