Posted by Megan Scott

We love bicycling. We love how rewarding it feels as we push the pedals down with our legs, breathing hard, racing to the top of the hill. We love how exhausted and exasperated we feel once we reach the top of the hill. But sometimes, just sometimes, we fantasize about how nice it would feel if we just cruised along easily.

New innovations in cycling are striving to make biking a bit more enticing by making it easier to do. The Copenhagen Wheel, for example, turns standard bicycle wheels into motorized speed demons, capable of racing long distances with minimal effort.

The Copenhagen Wheel

A Boston-based startup company called Superpedestrian developed a new wheel that can transform certain bicycles into hybrid e-bikes. The Copenhagen Wheel replaces the standard rear wheel on a bike, and it consists of a motor that is powered by a built-in battery and sensors. Using the sensors, the Copenhagen Wheel measures the amount of effort being put forth by the cyclist and offers an additional boost whenever necessary.

The Copenhagen Wheel

In other words, your ride should feel the same whether you're gliding along a flat sidewalk or making your way up a steep hill. Best of all, you don't need to charge it. The Copenhagen Wheel is powered by your own pedaling and serves as a self-contained generator. Talk about some awesome green innovation. According to Superpedestrian, the Wheel should last for 15 miles in each direction and will be compatible with most bicycles.

For Now, You'll Need to Stick with Your Old Bicycle Wheels

Superpedestrian recently secured $2.1 million in venture capital funding for the Copenhagen Wheel, which means we may have access to this interesting innovation in the not-too-distant future. For now, though, we're going to have to continue cycling the old-fashioned way: pedaling, sweating, and burning calories (see, it's not all bad). At Retrospec, we carry a wide variety of fixed gear bikes and commuter bikes that are designed to add a touch of style and ease to your commute, all without breaking the bank. They may not propel themselves, but they'll certainly make your ride enjoyable. We invite you to check out our selection.