Posted by Megan Scott

Ed Virtue is the general manager of Hotel Monaco, located in Washington D.C. As a leadership figure of a popular hotel in a tourist destination, he has some interesting requests cross his desk on a daily basis. But few requests have managed to catch his attention like this one has. Upper management recently suggested the hotel should offer rental bikes for guests.

At first, Virtue thought it was a risky idea. D.C. is a busy city with heavy traffic and Virtue wasn’t comfortable with the possibility of his bike rentals leading to injuries.

Fortunately, recent changes to the nature of biking in D.C. inspired Virtue’s decision to move forward with the bike rental program. In recent years, D.C. has seen improved safety measures for road bike owners, such as an improved network of bike lanes throughout the city and a new program called Capital Bikeshare.

Jumping on the Bike-Wagon

Considering these improvements in the system, Virtue just couldn’t pass up an opportunity for his guests to have a more enjoyable experience during their stay at the hotel. Hotel Monaco now offers a custom two-wheel road bike to guests who wish to see the city from a more authentic and active vantage point. He feels that this offers many advantages to his customers, from giving tourists a more in-depth and unique view of the city to allowing active guests a method of exercise that doesn’t sacrifice vacation time.

Amenities for Amenities

The ability to check out a road bike during your hotel stay is a pretty great amenity but many hotel owners are not stopping there. Hotel Monaco not only offers guests the chance to rent a road bike to check out the city, but also equips them with GPS units. These units help cyclists navigate the city streets with suggested routes already programmed in, so guests can get the most out of their ride and won’t miss important attractions or monuments. Beyond this, many hotels are offering “road side service” to ensure that guests are taken care of should something go wrong with their bike. Flat tire in the middle of your city excursion? Not to worry, the hotel will send a car to pick you and your bike up and take you back to the hotel.

Beyond amenities, some hotel staffs are making biking a community activity, even leading group rides that combine a tour and workout in one. There’s no better way to experience a city!

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