Drone Headlight


These are the drones you are looking for. With our Drone-4 Xenon Solar Powered bike headlight, you can stop relying on the dim moonlight to guide your way…and start relying on the sun. This innovative bike light has a solar panel to suck up the sun’s rays to power up its 4 LED bulbs. Less than stellar sun conditions? No problem. Charge this device with its USB connector and get riding. This headlight is perfect for camping, dim trails, and cave riding (is that a thing?). Basically, what we’re saying is that this is the choice for any and all outdoor excursions. You can buy a Drone bike headlight and pair it with any taillight you’d like!


  • 4 Super White Xenon LEDs
  • Solar and USB 2.0 Charging
  • Several modes of blinking and flashing
  • Extremely long lasting nickel-hydrogen battery
  • Easy to install and quick to release for safe keeping
  • Also functions as a bright flashlight for hiking or trekking