Strapless Pedal Cage

Retrospec Bicycles brings you the Unbreakable Strapless Bicycle Toe Cage. Made out of nylon, our strapless cage is extremely durable. You can ride back and forth and back again with this toe cage while feeling secure and free simultaneously. Your feet will be more secure on your pedal, allowing you to pedal around more efficiently. Without the straps, though, your feet can also easily escape when you need to stop.

*NOTE: This is only a strapless cage that can be installed on a pedal without any extra components.


  • Molded from unbreakable nylon and ergonomically designed for a comfortable foot hold
  • Compatible with existing screws on cage-ready pedals, no extra components necessary
  • One size, no straps required
  • For use with all types of bikes: Road, Cross, Fixed-Gear, Track, Touring, etc.