Toto Handwoven Cane Basket

Dark Stain
Natural Cane

Perfect for any Toto-sized goods

We’re not in Kansas anymore. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need a top-notch basket for all of your Toto-carrying needs. Our Toto Basket is the perfect size to fit a less-than-fifteen-pound furry friend or bag of groceries. Its strong woven cane body is built around a double-enforced wooden base and is sturdy enough to endure daily use. Similar to our Dreamcatcher basket, our Toto takes after the 100-year old tradition of lightship baskets. Time-tested materials and construction make this basket a top choice when it comes to toting around your treasures. Attach it to the front of your handlebars with the authentic leather straps and get on your way. But beware of flying houses and green witches.

Our round cane Dreamcatcher Basket might appeal to you, too! Don't forget about our steel Apollo Basket.


  • Woven with durable cane to last even with daily use
  • Adjustable authentic leather straps with brass buckles attach basket to front handlebars, no tools required
  • Dimensions: 9"x 10"x 14"
  • Suggested Weight Limit: 5 pounds