Retrospec All-Star Grips
Retrospec All-Star Crankset

  • Retrospec Bicycles Mantra Fixed Gear Bike (Single Speed Fixie City Urban Commuter Bicycle) Graphite

    Mantra Fixie $349

    The all-new Mantra series boasts sealed bearing hubs, platform pedals with included FGFS straps, and a free light!
  • Retrospec Bicycles Speck-7 Seven-Speed Folding Bike (Seven Speed Folding City Urban Commuter Bicycle) Black Main

    Speck-7 Seven-Speed Folding Bike $399

    Folding seven-speed bike with front and rear Promax hand brakes, perfect for urban commuting, adventuring in the countryside, and storing in small spaces.

  • Sid-7 Lady $349

    Sid-7 Lady $349

    A lightweight hand-built Ladies bike with a step-thru steel frame. Designed for riding in an upright position, perfect for city commuting, leisure riding, and exercise.
  • Speck SS Folding Bike $319

    Speck SS Folding Bike $319

    Folding single-speed bike with rear coaster brake perfect for riding around the city, easy to carry, and store in small spaces

  • Siddhartha SS $299

    Siddhartha SS $299

    Single-Speed Cruiser designed for the modern, urban hybrid rider, with retro appeal, admirable functionality, and an old-school coaster brake!
  • B. Series Fixie $249.99--SALE

    B. Series Fixie $249.99--SALE

    The Retrospec Beta Series Fixie is the ideal commuter bike with a hand built steel frame and horizontal dropouts, double wall rims, sealed bottom bracket, and brand name components throughout

  • Amok SS CycloCross $419

    Amok SS CycloCross $419

    All new, upgraded Amok Single-Speed Cyclo-Cross commuter for 2015
  • Amok-9 CycloCross $549

    Amok-9 CycloCross $549

    Nine-speed CycloCross commuter, 4130 chromoly frame, Shimano Altus derailleur and microSHIFT thumb shifter
  • Retrospec Bicycles Seven-Speed City Bike (Seven-Speed Diamond Frame Commuter Bicycle) Side View

    Sid-7 $349

    Lightweight Diamond Frame designed with an upright position - perfect for urban commuting, leisure riding, and exercise.
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  • Retrospec Bicycles Mantra Wheelset for Fixed-Gear, Single-Speed, & Seven-Speed Urban Commuter Bicycles (Main Gold)

    Mantra Wheelset $140

    2014 Single Speed Wheelsets included Kenda Kwest Tires, Sealed Bearing Hubs, and Fixed/Free Cogs!
  • Retrospec Bicycles Mantra Forged Bike Crankset Main View

    Mantra Crankset $39

    These new and improved Mantra Cranksets are brawnier and better forged for a smoother and more efficient ride!
  • Retrospec Bicycles CityLite Interlocking LED Front and Rear Bike Light Set Main View

    CityLite $29

    Interlocking design, 1 second attach/detach without tools, auto on/off
  • Pedals + Straps $19

    Pedals + Straps $19

    Pedal straps and foot retention systems are the ideal alternative to flimsy toe clips and straps
  • Pista Handlebars $18

    Pista Handlebars $18

    Lightweight pista bars provide a wide range of hand positions for all types of riding.
  • Pursuit Handlebars $18

    Pursuit Handlebars $18

    Lightweight pursuit bars provide a wide range of hand positions for all types of riding.
  • FGFS Straps $14

    FGFS Straps $14

    Perfect for Commuting, Freestyle, Fixed-Gear, Road. This all new design features Reflective Lining for safer night time riding. Perfect for comfortable foot retention as well as hitting your favorite tricks.

  • Black Button Track/Velo Saddle from Retrospec Bicycles (Silver Rivets Brooks) Black Main View

    Button Track/Velo Saddle $19

    Retrospec takes on a classic saddle and revamps it to bring you the style you want.

  • Saddle $15

    Saddle $15

    Comfortable Urban-Style bicycle seat for fixed-gear, single-speed, track bike, road bicycle, and all kinds of bikes

  • Grips $9

    Grips $9

    Retrospec Grips are perfect for your road bike, fixed-gear, single-speed, urban commuter, mountain or any type of bike. It features a triangular pattern with just enough cushion for supreme comfort and stab
  • Kenda Kwest Commuter Tires $15

    Kenda Kwest Commuter Tires $15

    Let these tires spin you right round, baby right round.
  • Retrospec Bicycles Vintage Retro Bullet Bicycle Headlamp Silver

    Bullet Headlamp $18

    Vintage Bullet-Style battery headlamp with 3 ultra bright LEDs. Flashing or Steady modes.
  • Retrospec Bicycles Aluminum Water Bottle Cage for your Fixed-Gear, Single-Speed, & Seven-Speed Urban Commuter Bike (Blue Main)

    Water Bottle Cage $6

    Super lightweight, many colors to choose from, includes mounting hardware.
  • BMX Handlebars $14

    BMX Handlebars $14

    Whether your're riding freestyle or commuter, BMX bars will give you that upright riding position you are looking for and these are super lightweight!
  • Floor Pump $18

    Floor Pump $18

    Floor pump for all your pumping needs
  • Wheelset $100

    Wheelset $100

    Retrospec Wheelsets have been custom-designed to ensure optimal speed, dexterity, and control on your fixed-gear or single-speed bike.
  • Crankset $34

    Crankset $34

    Three Piece cranks perfect for your fixed-gear, single-speed, hybrid, or road bicycle - 11 colors and 3 sizes to choose from!
  • Retrospec Bicycles Bike Safety Reflector Set Main View

    Reflector Set $6

    Standard Reflector Set, 2 Wheel Reflectors, 1 Front Reflector, 1 Rear Reflector, Easy Install


Riding is more than a hobby; it’s a lifestyle. That’s why we specialize in the highest quality urban lifestyle bicycles and fixed gear bicycles, all sold at the most competitive prices and guaranteed to provide you with the smoothest, most reliable ride of your life. Retrospec is an industry leader in stylish urban bicycles and fixies, and we also carry a wide array of essential parts and components, like grips, wheels, cranks BMX straps and more.

We don’t just stock and sell bikes. We design, distribute and manufacture them to the highest specifications, and we can afford to sell the best quality bicycles at the lowest prices, because there is no middle man. We use only the most durable and respected brand name components, including flawless steel frames with sleek finishes, lightweight wheels in a variety of colors, and firm safety grips designed for optimal comfort.

Whether you’re looking for a new, fully-assembled bike, or are interested in building your own custom bicycle from scratch, Retrospec has exactly what you need. Browse our full selection and start hitting the open road in style. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, feel free to call us at (213) 744-1555 or email us at We’ll gladly answer your questions and help you to find the perfect fixed gear bike, urban bike or bike parts to meet your needs.

Our fully-assembled bikes come in an array of stunning color combinations, and are available in a variety of different sizes to suit different riders. Check out popular selections like our Blue Siddhartha Cruiser,  Glowstick V2 and El Diablo Beta Fixie. This is just a small sampling of our inventory, and we have bikes to accommodate every personality and taste.

That’s because we’re not just another bike manufacturer. We go to great lengths to forge and maintain relationships with our customers, by holding ourselves to the highest work ethic, encouraging customer feedback and processing all orders quickly and accurately. We also use alternative methods of transportation in order to preserve our environment.  So buy with the confidence of knowing that Retrospec is a company that truly cares.

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